Clinical Pilates

What is Clinical Pilates?

CQ Physio Clinical Pilates is 100% individualized, not a one size fits all approach. It is a research driven form of exercise designed to enhance function and overall biomechanical efficiency. All of our Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists have undergone specialist training.

What are the Benefits?

Clinical Pilates is capable of delivering a number of benefits. The majority of our patients participating in regular sessions do so to improve core stability and general flexibility and range of motion. Other benefits include:

The Process for getting into a class

To tailor the program to achieve your goals everyone has a one hour individual assessment followed by 3 half hour one on one sessions to ensure you have maximized your technique and you are comfortable to be placed in our small group pilates classes – up to 5 participants.


Duration Price
Pilates Initial Assessment 1 hour $147.00
Pilates Review 30 mins $84.00
Group Piliates Session 30 mins $25
10 Group Pilates Session Pass 10 x 30 mins $212.50

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