Speech Pathology

What is Speech Pathology?

A Speech Pathologist assesses and treats difficulties of communication and swallowing.  Communication includes difficulties with speech clarity, expression of thoughts and information, understanding language, social language skills and vocal quality / projection.  Swallowing includes difficulties with eating / swallowing of drinks, food, medication and saliva.

Speech Pathologists at CQ Physio Group assess and treat both adults and children with a variety of communication and swallowing difficulties.

A referral from a doctor is generally not required to see a Speech Pathologist.

A CQ Physio Group Speech Pathologist can help when:

CQ Physio Group Speech Pathologists assess and treat both children and adults with a range of developmental, neurological, genetic, degenerative, physical and functional difficulties.

CQ Physio Group Speech Pathologists conduct sessions within the clinic at CQ Physio, Rockhampton.  They also visit Catholic / Private Schools and Private Nursing Homes / Hospitals in and around Rockhampton.  Please enquire for further detail on these services.


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